BluePoint Controls

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Collaboration is Our First Principle

We collaborate with you to achieve your objectives. And to design with passion, manufacture with precision and deliver with pride.


Collaboration is key to helping our clients solve complex engineering problems. It’s why the same companies repeatedly ask us to help with their most challenging projects. And it’s why engineering leaders work with us throughout their careers, across roles and companies.

No Spec, No Problem

Collaboration means we’re flexible too, able to help you at every stage of product development and manufacturing. We’ll help you convert an idea into a specification, or a raw spec into a polished manufacturing requirements document. And we can help you transform your concept into a finished and shipped product.

Velocity Matters

Markets move fast. So do we. Count on us to help you bring your idea to life quickly.

Your Special Requirements, Flexible Volumes, High Mix Solutions

BluePoint Controls complements your internal teams and facilities, helping you design, prototype and manufacture the specialty components you need. Unlike manufacturers that require complete specs, long lead times and high product volumes, we specialize in collaborative engineering solutions that integrate into smaller but cost- competitive manufacturing runs. We design the engineering with simple and repeatable manufacturability, ensuring the highest quality.